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Chaos mouse

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La version anglaise du binôme Souris chaos de Frédéric Sonntag, suite à sa rencontre avec Daniela Cota, spécialiste en physiopathologie de l’obésité (Inserm).

Traduction de Chris Campbell. Spectacle issu du projet binôme. Plus d’informations sur le spectacle original en français.

Chaos mouse a été créé en août 2014 lors du Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

(Re)découvez-en la bande-annonce :


binôme – Chaos Mouse / bande-annonce from les sens des mots on Vimeo.

Retrouver la genèse et le concept de binôme ici !



With binôme, science becomes an inspiration for theatre !

binôme is an original and innovative project imagined in 2010 by Thibault Rossigneux, artistic director of the French theatre company ‘les sens des mots’. binôme is the result of a collaboration between artists and scientists.

This project targets an audience passionate about Theatre, Science or both disciplines, as well as people who are curious to discover a new, original and accessible form of performance.

For this first time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we chose to present Souris Chaos, the 18th play of binôme series, in its English version, Chaos Mouse.

From his brief encounter with Daniela Cota, specialist of physiopathology of obesity (Inserm), Frédéric Sonntag wrote a cruel and witty comedy about food as catharsis. On the set of a cooking show, three characters, Florian Sitbon, Emilie Vandenameele and Thibault Rossigneux, directed by Sandrine Lanno, breathe life into the author’s words inspired by the scientist, revealing the excesses of our consumer society and the chaos of our own addictions.

‘Even after having eaten, I still felt emptiness and I had the feeling that I had to fill such emptiness’.




Author Frédéric Sonntag [following his meeting with Daniela Cota] / Translator Christopher Campbell / Interpretation Thibault Rossigneux, Florian Sitbon & Emilie Vandenameele / Staging Sandrine Lanno / Music Christophe Ruetsch / Technic Ugo Mechri / Distribution Pauline Derycke / Production Company les sens des mots, with the support of Institut Français d’Ecosse, Inserm, the SACD Translation Fund, Institut Français, Région Franche-Comté, la Faïencerie-Théâtre de Creill, Région Ile de France, Festival d’Avignon, Préfecture de Vaucluse and proarti.